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A modern amusement park is a unique, high-tech complex of cultural and entertainment, sports, health and recreation services that allows a person to experience the feelings through which he achieves the greatest entertainment effect. Attractions used in parks allow to artificially create those sensations that evoke a variety of emotions in the visitor: fear, pleasure, the feeling of flight, overload, etc.

The availability of modern entertainment equipment and amusement equipment is an important part of the amusement park, but naturally, it cannot be limited to them. Without food outlets, stationary and mobile cafes, pastry machines, souvenirs, and a cultural program, a modern amusement park is impossible, since these aspects are vital to meet the needs of visitors [2]. Therefore, I would like to dwell in more detail on those important aspects that today need to be taken into account when organizing the activities of an amusement park. The goal of successful administration is the ability to keep the visitor in the park for as long as possible, while stimulating the client's desire to return here again. The park's management needs to make tremendous efforts to ensure that the client's interest in the park is not limited to a few visits.